I have ruined my Friday

I hate to whine on my posts, but I have just ruined my Friday.

Everyone is dieting right now, which by the grace of God I have never had to do. My friend shell has lost 3 pounds (way to go Shell) well guess what? I have found them.

I had a really hard time fitting into my jeans this morning, so I thought I would weigh myself on our calibrated scales here at work. Before you say anything, I have never weighed alot except when I was pregnant, I can carry right much weight because I am 5'8" tall so I guess it is spreads out. Well it spread out alright I now weigh 150 lbs. Good Grief!!!!!

So guess what???? I am official on my first diet!! OINK! OINK!


Rach said...

150lbs...my right "girl" weighs that much! LOL hahaha You are beautiful so don't worry about it.

Shell said...

150 measly little lbs... I dream of being that *LOL*.... but I know you feel it on you... you go girl... get out there and walk it off and enjoy the spring!

Oh yeah and could you find a few more of those lost pounds of mine ;-)

Anonymous said...

My daughter looks just like you!!
I don't know if I was ever 150.

Hot Momma

Kristie said...

I know what you mean Wendy - I'm 5'10" and never had to diet until now! YIKES, must be all the chocolate - I can't give it up though!!!

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