The Last Day of May

I know I haven't been a bad blogger lately, sorry It's been one of those weeks.

I tried to get back in my groove last night and decided to go ahead and do my cards for the card swap I am in with some TLC friends, hope it is OK to post them. We are suppose to make 8 cards using only one of our TLC kits. I used Urban shapes, two pieces of extra card stock, some TLC floss and our birthday phrase's
I had plenty leftovers. Love using these colors, I think they made very nice masculine cards, some are plain, some I went a little crazy. I love the one with the skull on it!!


Izzy said...

Great Cards!

Anonymous said...

I love these cards. I need some guy cards. Is this in the Hybrid Kit? I got mine at home and I haven't had time to open it. Great colors!!

Hot Momma

Rach said...

Nice job! I just did a layout with that kit. I adore that little skull too!

Jan said...

Very cute!! I've got to get working on mine this weekend!

Shell said...

I love the card with the tumbling circles - send it to me!!

Jolene George said...

love this project Wendy...so pretty!

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