End of a Wonderful Week

I have have the best week. I feel like I have been off work for a month. It's back to work tomorrow. We have done so much in one week that it is just incredible. It wasn't even planned out, we just did whatever needed to be done on what ever day.

I always try to plan and this week was plan free. I think the most accomplished thing I did was program the bedroom remote. Yeah Me! Got the pool up, the shed & garage clean out , had a free yard sale at the curb, took two loads to the dump, got clothes taken to a new home. Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner most of the time. Just all kinds of stuff.

I thought I would get all my stuff ready for my crop next Saturday and my trip to Utah coming up in about 12 days. Nope, but I did get Sam's birthday circle book done. That's it. And I did buy my Secret sis a few gifts.

Everything was going great all week until yesterday, when I decided first thing (8am) I would start weeding the front small flower bed. Got it done before the sun, came in rested awhile, ate breakfast 3 hours later I realize that I am covered and I mean covered in Seed Ticks. AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have hundreds of bites all over me, and if that wasn't enough Sam got a few on her. around 10 to be exact, because it took over an hour to get hers off. I on the other hand had help from my DH. He has worse eyes than me. So I called on Good old MOM.

Here is a brief description if you are not familiar with the nasty very very small seed tick:

Lone star tick larvae and nymphs (immature stages) are very abundant now. Earlier in the summer, female ticks deposited masses of several thousand eggs on the ground. Anyone unfortunate enough to stand in or to pass through such a site can easily pick up dozens (and dozens) of larvae. They are the size of a pinhead.

So if anyone has any itch relief remedy, please send it my way.

So far I have green soap and antibiotic spray, lots of it.

Itchy in Va. signing off............................


Izzy said...

Except for those darn ticks, it sounds like you had a wonderful week!

Have you tried Aveeno Anti Itch cream yet?

Anonymous said...

Too much information. I hate those seed ticks. I got a few one year in Lone Oak at the outdoor theatre. I don't know if you rememebr that.

Hot Momma

Jan said...

What a cute project...
not so cute ticks. LOL!

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