I have made soo many friends and kept up with so many of you in these last 200 posts.

I would just like to say Thank You to whoever it was that got me blogging.

This is my first post from 07/05/06

Well, I guess you gotta keep up or get out of the way, or so I am told.I have decided to start a Blog. I enjoy reading Heidi Swapps,Donna Downey and even Jan Pepe's. I wonder why it is that we like to read other peoples journals?So I hope if you are reading this you find it entertaining if nothing else.Not sure if my life is exciting enough to even write anything LOL!!We will see. Remember this blog is a work in progress.


WOW I got lotsa comments!

No matter if someone comments or not, maybe more people read than comment!

It has been quite relaxing an enjoyable. When you blog it doesn't make you feel like such a lurker and you get to share all your great photos with people you don't get to see alot.

So I just want to comment on my regulars that give me a little boost when i need or a pat on the back when I have accomplished something in my life:

Apologies: I keep typing these long posts about all my blogger friends and how they have each been so special and STUPID blogger keeps erasing them AUUUGGHHH!!

Each one of you is special too me, and I thank you for listening and posting your comments. Love you all.

I do want to send Hot Momma a special Hug. Wish I was there for you. Hang in there an SDV is coming soon!! Love YOU!! Sending Special Prayers Your Way!


Jolene George said...

Congratulations on your 200'th post. I totlly passed up my 300th . It slipped right by. Now I think I'm on 321.

Rach said...

Wahoo...200! Cool! I have no clue where I stand. I enjoy the "time" spent with you!

Jan said...

YEAH!!!!! Congrats on post # 200!!! Wow!! That's super!!!! So glad you joined the bloggy world!!

Izzy said...

Congrats on # 200!! and I like the new look too :) It's great to stay in touch with everyone via blogging... I'm so glad you joined the bloggin' world.

Shell said...

way to go Wendy!! *hugs*

I am still in NZ - had to change my flight cos still fixing up my house. Fly back on MOnday now.

Krystal Hartley said...

Grats on 200! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog page. Keep it up. Thanks for the HUG!! Maverick died on Saturday Night. He got caught in the garage door. I am sick. I need lost of hugs these days. Agnes is still hanging on.


Hot Momma

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