Saturdays Crop

I wish everyone that reads this blog could have been a my crop yesterday. I had the best time, not that I don't usually, we just a diversified group of people, each one was a special and added to the day to make it special. We all shared stories and learned so much from each other. I must say that we missed Theresa very much, but sent her a plate of great food and special note that each one of us signed.

Thank you all for a Great Day.

This little girl was the highlight of the crop, she is a beautiful example of why God is good. Thank you Sallie for sharing your little girl and your special story with everyone.I made the Crop cans at the top because I needed a new door prize drawing can for upcoming crops, I used the salt and pepper collection from TLC. I think it turn out cute.


Rach said...

Great can! I just love that paisley paper. I have to use this kit in the future. So glad you had a good time. I am doing a Direct Sale expo the first weekend in October and I am hoping to get some stuff done while there! I sure miss scrapbooking.

Shell said...

love the can - I need to redo mine - because it is in old TLC papers! You have given me some good ideas!

Izzy said...

Beautiful can! I just love the paper. I've got my crop today... do you mind teleporting the can for me? LOL!

Jan said...

LOVE the can!!!!! Very cute!! Glad to hear your crop went so well! YEAH!

Krystal Hartley said...

Great can!!!!!!! So cute! Glad you had fun at the crop!

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