Sunday Morning

Wanted to post these pictures, because I am so happy I have them. I know it doesn't make sense, well while we were on vacation, I had downloaded pictures off my memory card onto my sons laptop, but when I went back to find them I didn't know where I had saved them. I thought I had lost them forever. Can you tell I am a computer genius LOL I love this picture of Mitch. So serene.

I was loading pictures to my Lifetimez Online account and I found them. I was so so happy. Now I can do a whole LT book on our summer 07 vacation.

I am excited about the LT online, I am hoping it is up and running soon.

On another note, had a great weekend, the weather has cooled of tremendously, so it makes me excited about fall. I love fall it is my favorite season. I am relaxing on the weekends all I can my calendar for October is slammed.


Mika said...

Great that you find the pics back. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

Anonymous said...

I need help sometime soon regarding this on line stuff. I have some money I need to spend with TLC and want to get some digital stuff.

When things settle down.

Hot momma

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