Here are my niece Morgan and Samanatha . We were and The Ted Constants Center for 6 hours, they performed for like 3 minutes. Please tell me those of you with cheering girls that it's worth it. They seemed to have a great time.

Next mnth we travel to Richmond (2 hrs away)

Hopefully we won't have to be there too early.

We had a good day, then last night I took the Youth from church to Judgement House at First Baptist of Suffolk. That was Fantastic.

Here is a picture of all the girls on the mat at the same time. Good Fun-Long Day!!


Jan said...

They look so cute and excited! That is a long time. We felt that way about swim meets. LOL! I'm sure it is worth it! :)

Shelley Moore said...

Wendy, I can tell you - it's TOTALLY worth it! My daughter doesn't cheer - she wrestles. But we have to be at these meets ALL DAY - sometimes 8 or nine hours. And her total time on the mat might only be at the most about 10 minutes all together. But it's the most awesome thing in the world to watch them.

And besides - she looks darn cute in her little outfit, LOL!!!

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