Friday was my 43rd Birthday, my family took me to Outback, Not my favorite but, I chose that because I knew it would make everyone happy. My DH sent these beautiful flowers to my office.
The lady I work with bought me a dozen donuts instead of a cake(works for me)
My family dislike there picture taken so bad (except Sam) that no one would let me take there picture, or would have there picture taken with me. So I took pictures of everyone against there will, what is wrong with my family? I am never gonna get that Christmas card picture.
Anyway ,Sam worked a very very very small craft show with me this weekend, her first! She did great, gotta a little TOO excited when we sold something. But, I enjoyed having her there with me.

So I didn't get a great picture of me, The one of me by myself I am holding a card Sam made for me. the other one I took of myself in the car while I was waiting for Mark. I am pathetic. But I promised myself I would have a picture on my Birthday and I did.
On Saturday my gift from Rachael came. Thanks! I didn't have a SBG hugger.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Rach said...

You Brat...you were holding out on the whole Bday thing with us??? HUH??

Well well well....Looks like I will be on the computer a little longer today. Glad you liked your can koozie.

Shell said...

Wendy! I didn't even know it was your birthday! You little toad keeping that secret!

Happy 'belated' Birthday *HUGS* and I think the photos you did get are cute!

SonjaRod said...

I hope you had a great day! It's so strange how my family runs away when I get the camera out too - I think they all have a severe case of "Scrapper's Subjectitiss"

Shelley Moore said...

Happy Birthday Wendy! Us Shells think alike - you should have told us! :) ribbit ribbit

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Girly!!!. I called but forgot to put it on your Blog page. You are getting old!!!
Hot momma

Missy's Blog said...

Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Wendy. You look beautiful in the pictures ... sage green is your color!!

Jan said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!!! THANKS so much for that lovely Capt. Jack card. LOL!!! It's still on my desk!!!

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