Cute as they can be.

Me with my Christmas Lifetimez book that came Christmas Eve. This is my mom and step dad at our house Christmas morning. The ones above are my kids and Carols kids in front of moms tree Christmas Eve. Josh in front of moms fireplace and Samantha Christmas morning


Jan said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!!!

For youtube... go to youtube.com - set up a username... then upload your video. I finally got it to work, when I allowed my video to be public. It gave me the html code to paste on my blog.

Let me know if that makes sense once you check it out. : )

Missy's Blog said...

Great Christmas pictures!! Your family looks like they had an excellent Christmas!!

Judi said...

Great Pictures thanks for sharing. I had to enlarge the photo in front of the tree. I thought it was of Carol. No doubt who's kid Marissa belongs to. I know what Mom's getting next year for Christmas a new Angel for the top of her tree. Love it all anyways!!!

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