I love homemade gifts at Christmas, but everyone says it's because I'm Crafty, but that's not
So. it's because you thought about the person while you were thinking it up while you were making it and while you wrapped it
The picture frame came from the dollar store I simply recovered it. That is a gift for me!
I love the paper I am using it's the same paper I used on some of my Christmas Cards it's by Flair Designs their Christmas Toile Collection II
The other thing however is a gift for my mom. I created the gift inside with Lifetimez on Line
The paper is double sided paper. I printed off direction on how to make the bow (way easy)
although wrapping a gift with double sided card stock (not so easy) so it looks kinda funny, but I like it and I know mom will.
The kids and I had a great time shopping yesterday, although some how we bought more for them then anyone else. Oh and Sam and I got our nails done! (treat for me)
All in all it was a great day, I got to go to Wednesday night service at church, something I don't normally do, because of so much going on during the week, so that was a treat for me as well.
Today I get to take my mom shopping, I have one more gift to buy for my MIL and then a little wrapping and I am done!!! My Christmas Lifetimez book I ordered for the Family should be here tomorrow or Sat, can't remember what the tracker said, TLC did as they promised and everyone so far is getting there books by Christmas. Mine was just a multiple of Christmas years assembled in one book. Can't wait to see it.
Happy Thursday everyone, wish me luck shopping with OLF today!!! I will have to explain my moms nick name one day.


Missy's Blog said...

Wendy, I love handmade gifts too. There's just something about knowing how much time someone took to make something as a gift that warms my heart.

I received your HANDMADE Christmas card ... it's so cute!! Thank you for thinking of us.

Jan said...

Love the frame! You did a great job!!

Izzy said...

Love the frame, it's beautiful!

Judi said...

You can never reveal OLF's secret. She is a secret Agent.

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