I was so excited after I saw how many people would be participating in IZZY's photo a day challenge. It is really alot of fun, you'll see.

My schedule for December is not going as planned so far. I sold a bunch of stuff on e-bay and boy what a headache. i don't know if i'll be doing that again anytime soon. people ask some stupid stuff. Can I send you a money order ?( i specified paypal) can i meet you somewhere and pick up my stuff ?NO NO and NO!!
Then I had to schlep as shell calls it to the post office and mail it all. AAAHHHH!!!! Is it really worth all the trouble?

I was suppose to have Christmas cards sent out already (handmade by the way)

I was suppose to have a project done and in the mail to Calif.

I was suppose to have my 12 x 12 Christmas LTO album done.

I was suppose to have all gift already purchased wrapped and under the tree

I feel so out of control. My mother in law is having cataract surgery on Thursday

I am doing a craft show with mom on Thursday night .

I really want to go to Atlanta with Sandy

All I want for Christmas is MORE TIME!!!! LOL

I have taken my pictures for the photo a day challenge, hope to get them all scrapped up tonight so I can post them. I am doing them the paper way. Hope your December is going better than mine!!!!!


Shell http://scrapgrlz.typepad.com said...

*LOL* don't blame me for your ebay woes!!

Rach said...

Glad to know you are just BUSY and nothing more. I was worrying about you, girl!

Shelley Moore said...

LOL, I know - Shell's right! You asked for it, LOL! But it totally is worth it to purge all that stuff and make room for all the new cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the cool Santa photo!!

Hot Momma

Izzy said...

Wow! sounds like you've been super busy! I was wondering where you'd disappeared to, glad you're taking part in the challenge!

Jan said...

You NEED to come to Atlanta with Sandy!!! I'll be there!!!

Wendy said...

I can't go to Atlanta and poor Sandy is driving all by herself, watch out for her won't you Jan?!

Wendy said...

I can't go to Atlanta and poor Sandy is driving all by herself, watch out for her won't you Jan?!

Wendy said...
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Sheila said...

I missed you in Atlanta -- I was hoping you'd be there!


Anonymous said...

hi sugar,
love your pages,
just talked with judi was telling her about the end of jan.
been trying to get all my things done am going to try and go shopping with sister tomorrow.
talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Well aunt wendy, i don't have a blog page but i sure do like checking yours out. I think its great that you talked my mom into starting one. She loves it. When you coming out to visit me? It's been a couple of years and i miss you. I Love you, Lexi

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