This is another old favorite, look at our eyes, we look so excited about Christmas....I loved our silver Christmas tree, we were always having these crazy trees, but I loved them especially the white tree. We had oneof those color wheels that went round and round and made the tree change colors. The gold garland you see on the white tree, I bet you my mom stll has it!!
I don't remember too many Christmas's. Not sure why, but I am glad I have these pictures to help me remember. That is why it is so important to scrapbook, because when you can't remember the picture tells the story for you.

If you look real close you can see that we are sitting on one of those giant foot print rugs, anyone remember those? Not you Rach. Behind us you can can see that Carol got a new Sissy bar to go on the back of her banana seat.
Samantha is singing at church this morning with the childrens choir. I will try and post pics of Mitch's gift later, had to give it to him, you will see why.
Did you know it's the Night Before the Night Before Christmas?


Missy's Blog said...

Oh my goodness ... these are GREAT pictures!! I so remember those foot rugs. We are definately from the same era!! Can't wait to see your daughter's singing pictures.

Rach said...

I don't remember the foot rugs?? I was born in 70. So I might have been into Baby dolls still? LOL

Hey....where did the hippo post go??? I wanted to hear that song again.

Jan said...

Those photos are so cute!!! You gals look very happy sitting under the tree!

Shell said...

those photos are just adorable!

Judi said...

What a mess we were. I so do remember every Christmas. One year we made our own gifts. Mom would buy Oranges and Walnuts only at Christmas. You were still to young to remember.

Love & Miss You!!!

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