OK, So I Love Donna Downey as much as the next Scrapbooker, but would you all just take a second and check this .
People this is a 6 x 12 canvas with a door handle on top!!!???
There are 3 days left!!!
I cannot wait to see how much she will get for this ART??!!
So I am doing a survey, how much would you pay for a Donna Downey
original Painting?
Added: Embarrassing, I am sorry Donna, I wasn't making fun of you, just the price people will pay for your work! I am just jealous and wish I was so popular!

It sold for $152.50 WOW!!! Go Donna!


donnadowney said...

i know i thought $20 was a lot

Shell said...

*LOL* when I first saw the post about it - I was going to bid $20 and it was already up to $60 something then

Judi said...

This is great it is up to $137.00. It must me something to someone in order for them to pay that much. That really is not alot for a piece of art or picture to hang on your wall. Look at how much you pay for framing.

I am jealous as well. Keep up the good work Donna. Make us Scrappy people proud.

Jan said...

Wow!! That's incredible! ... and to think she came to comment on your blog too!! : )

Missy's Blog said...

Cool piece of art ... LOL ... and how cool is it that she stopped by your blog??

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