Sunday Afternoon

Well, It's Sunday afternoon we are home from church and have no Awana tonight. I must admit I am not disappointed about that.

We have been spoiled with having long weekends because of the holidays and I have only worked three days in a row over the last 3 weeks. So we are being lazy today, same as yesterday. I did get my inventory done yesterday. Trying to prep for taxes YUK!

I have a crop coming up on the 26th so I have that to look forward too. Next weekend we have a Cheer comp on Sunday and then Mitch and I are going out. Woo Hoo! The people he works with are getting together at a cool wine restaurant. Can't wait for that.

So tomorrow it is the start of a very long week. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oh the picture is Samantha doing experiments in the kitchen this afternoon. Mark use to do this all the time when he was her age, just mix crazy stuff together and try to get me to drink it. I don't think so, but they have a good time doing it and then I cleaned up afterward. Oh well.

Have a great week!


Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!! My kids have all liked doing experiments like that too. LOL!

Missy's Blog said...

I so remember doing those kind of experiments when I was younger. It was such fun!!

Do you remember going to the soda fountain area of a restaurant and choosing a little bit of every soda there? I think we called it "graveyard" ... now THAT was an experiment! What were we thinking.

Wendy said...

We called that a suicide, every kind of drink at the fountain. Boy we were cool!

Izzy said...

Sounds like a great weekend, just the thing you need before the start of a long week. Have a great week!

Judi said...

Why are some of your Favorite Spots highlighted? Just wondered.

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