A couple of weeks ago the company that I have worked for 22 years for has decided that office GIRLS can now wear EMC uniforms, (which might I add the MEN have been doing for years!!!) They are uniform pants Khaki or blue and company logo golf shirts.
So I said sure, I get tired of trying to decide what to wear every morning, knowing the only people that will see me are the two people I work with in the office and 30 men that work in the shop, oh and and maybe a customer, or Farmer that needs his crop dryer worked on. So tomorrow will be my official first uniform day.
WOO HOO no more trying to figure out what to wear, the best part the company pays for them!! I got a shirt in every color!! What color should I wear for my debut?


Jan said...

I vote you debut with pink!!!!! : )

Judi said...

I Vote the Pink as well. You should always listen to your big sister.

How fun. Have a great first uniform day.

Missy's Blog said...

What a great solution to the "what am I gonna wear today" problem. I vote pink as well!!!

Shell said...

Green of course!

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