This Just in from CJ Creations!!!

As you may know, we at CJ Creations LOVE scrapbooking, scrapbookers and just about anything that has to do with scrapping. And because my lil sister totally ROCKS!! So, until Saturday we are having a sale at our etsy shop. Any item 10% off! That's right, 10%.

Here's what you have to do. After picking out your items, just send me a conversation stating which item you want. Here's the catch...you HAVE to mention something about scrapbooking in your message. Doesn't mean you have to BE a scrapper, just mention it. Easy, huh? Go to my favorite links, click on our shop and commence to shopping. Just don't forget to send me a conversation so I can adjust your total. Happy scrapping and shopping.
Click on the link below to start shopping

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