The Ette's

Don't know if everyone that reads my blog knows these ladies, they are known as the ETTE'S they are the Fantastic design team of TLC. We call them the Ette's because they are Anette and Fayette. These two are so much fun.

They are always up to date with all the latest products and keep us guessing and what is coming next. They have issued a challenge on there blog for all consultants to use some of the new product. They are also have a giveaway! Make sure you check them out HERE, and leave them some love. You may get some love back!

Edited: Hey Shell I RAK'd someone in the McDonald's drive thru today!!

Happy Monday!

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Judi said...

I left them a comment. I didn't know they even had a Blogspot. I will add them to my favorites. Thanks for the heads up.

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