I'm sorry to post twice in one day and cover up my valentine wishes, but I was soooo busy at work that I had time to make this and I was sooooooo excited I had to share. I made this using LTO to use for my crops/events. I also got an e-mail from a cool company offering me a free 8x10 cling and Bingo I got a advertising cling for only $1.73. WOO HOO what a deal. Let me hear your comments on the poster.
Want your own free 8 x 10 cling? Go here and use this code just as I have it: Photographer0208 all you pay is shipping!


Judi said...

Very Cute!! Your link isn't working though. Maybe it's just me.

Kristie Lippert said...

What a great idea!!!! I'm gonna make one too :-)

Sheila said...

GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing.

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