Is it March yet?

OK, So maybe a bomb was a little extreme, but some days just feel that bad.

So Bucket has had a brier I have been trying to remove since saturday, without much luck I decided on Monday to take him to the vet, Mitch calls at noon to ask me what was wrong with Snoopy? I have no idea what he is talking about, because he was fine when I left. Mitch tells me his foot is bleeding some and he is limping, so I plan to take a look at him when I get here to pick up bucket. Well, he is way worse than suspected. The Vet takes him to shave the area and take an x-ray to find he has some kind of something in his foot, it appears to be some sort of metal. So he has to stay overnight to have it removed. Also his toe is broke!!!!!!!!!!! I pick him up on Wednesday and it appears to have been bird shot. He evidently wondered in one of my stupid crazy neighbors yard. They better hope I don't figure out which one. He is doing fine and got a much needed bath. Bucket is taking care of him.

So with a million things already to do on Tuesday all at the same time is why I decided on a BOMB! Oh and did I say Mitch closed three nights this week and I haven't seen him since Sunday? Anybody got any cheese???????

Good Grief I wish this week was over. Have another cheer comp on Saturday we are suppose to be there at 8. It is an hour away. Mitch can't go so Carol is going with us. Boy is she in for a treat! I forgot to tell you to wear blue and red (team colors) Oh and ear plugs! LOL
Sorry to bore ya'll with my whinnng! Happy Wednesday??????


Jan said...

Oh poor little doggie!!! I hope your week gets better!! I can totally relate though. I'll have to tell you what week I've had sometime.

Rach said...

so are you saying that someone shot your dog??? OMG!!!

Hugs from Michigan!!
Wish I was there to give you more.

Judi said...

Sorry you are having a bad week. It will get better. How all is well with the dogs.

Shelley Moore said...

your poor fur-baby! I'm happy to beat the crap out of whoever shot that precious baby for you! Hope he heals quickly!

Kalo said...

Glad Snoop Snoop is ok. I can't believe that as many dogs as there are around, they'd shoot yours...what idiots.

Hmmm, red and blue? Don't think I own anything red, but I'll definitely bring the ear plugs lol

Wendy Sue said...

Hi Wendy,

I couldn't fin an e-mail address, so I thought I'd just post here on your blog to let you know I answered your question about my album on the MM blog. I just answered in the comment section. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

Wendy Sue

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