I have been RAK'D

I only expected Fred to visit for a little while till Judi got here, but Stacy Julian with Photo Freedom, My very own Rhonna Farrer T-shirt, and a very cool 4x6 index card wheel that I already have plans for I did not expect. WOW! Thanks Judi!

And now I have been tagged so I must respond. It was really difficult to come up with things you all do not already know about me. So I thought and thought and came up with the following:

  1. I dream almost every night, and most of the time I remember my dreams.
  2. I can hardly believe I will be 44 this year except when I look in the mirror. LOL!
  3. I have had 5 cars since I have been driving, my first car was a Pea Green Dodge Dart Swinger (don't ask me the year, but I can tell you it was UGLY and OLD)
  4. When I was younger I wanted to be a flight attendant
  5. I know this will be a shock to most of you, but I wish I had more Patients and No I am not a Nurse!! LOL
  6. When I found out we were moving to VA. from Ca. at age 15, I was heartbroken and kept a journal of all my thought until I had been here almost 3 years.
  7. I have many nicknames-Pooh,Winky, Breeze, Wendall, and lots more I am sure I am not aware of.
Hope I didn't bore you with my facts, but thats just how exciting I am!!!


Kalo said...

Not boring at all. I knew most of that, but never knew you wanted to be a flight attendant.

Jan said...

It's always fun learning new things about you! : )
Have a great week!!! Enjoyed chatting with ya today!

Judi said...

How fun was that. Thanks Missy for starting this. I learned lost of new things about my sisters. Do you have a picture of that car? I would love to read your journal.

Judi said...

Make sure you take care of FRED. He might be lonely with out his other half. I am send the other half tommorrow as it is to heavy for the airplane.

Izzy said...

Lucky girl... that RAK looks lovely :) I didn't know a few of things you posted, it was nice to learn more!

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