Spiritual Saturday

My layout of the dayThis was our speaker Gina Parcells. Her platform is Life Interrupted and how God Interrupts our life in lots of ways, usually when he is trying to speak to us and make us pay attention. In Gina's case she found our her daughter had a cancerous brain tumor at age 6. WOW what a great testimony she has about this time in her life and how everything stopped. God gave her a testimony to share with others. Now at age 11 her daughter is healthy and happy. But God has given Gina this phenomenal story to share and use as a teaching tool.

The best part was one of the main words she used was. yup LISTEN!!! how great is that. So I have chosen to add to mine. So now it's going to HEAR LISTEN & LEAN. Lean on the Lord when something is troubling you or you have prayers that need answering. He is always there to listen. Did you know that there are 86,400 seconds in a day. What do you do with yours?

Here we are Chris, Christine, Robin, me and Rose.


Jan said...

Sounds like an amazing day!!!

Rach said...

Wow! Fantastic. Thank you very much for the phone call today. I have no idea how I missed it?? I suddenly heard my voicemail go off and I got up and listened to it. WOW!! I needed that...thanks for LISTENING!

Judi said...

She sounds like a great speaker. I love when you have those light bulb moments. It is nice to learn something different as well. I knew you couldn't stick with just one word.

Judi said...

Sorry I forgot to say I love the layout!!

Anonymous said...

Great reminder that Divine Interruptions are ways to learn more about God and what He wants us to learn! How we can reach out to others just by trusting Him in these Interruptions!

Missy's Blog said...

This was a wonderful post ... so many important messages. It's wonderful to have a reminder every now and again.

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