We had part 1 of a 2 part competition today at ODU. The girls did OK, They had just learned a new routine, so there where some glitches. Day 2 tomorrow. 9 am. I am still tired from last weekend, and have waaay to much on my mind.

To all of you who are dealing with the TLC issues, hang in there. I am just so glad that we are all blogging, it's such a wonderful way to keep up with one another.

I feel closer to all of you daily as I read what you have been up to and get to see what is going on with each and every one of your lives. SMILE and keep bloggin!!!


Jan said...

hey!!! I feel close to you through the blogging too!! I am so thankful to count you gals as friends!!!

Coming out of my fog! : )

Good luck to you with your new business!!! I love how you set up your blog!!

Kristie Lippert said...

Love the layouts!!! Glad you found a new "home" with MW. I'm joining I Remember When. Definitely want to keep in touch!!! Love reading your blog!

Am&a Sue said...

So How cute is your daugther? Very!! She is so cute in her cheering outfit!!!

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