Thongs and Cheap Gas!

I am busy today with Sam's Birthday Party, so I have selected a headline that caught my eye (PUN INTENDED) yesterday and an interesting web site. I hope that you all are having a fantastic weekend as I am stuck here with 6 screaming kids for a pool party and sleep over! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victoria's Secret Sued Over Thong Incident
Posted: 2008-06-18 17:11:56
A 52-year-old California woman is suing lingerie giant Victoria's Secret, claiming that a "design flaw" on a pair of V-string panties caused her to suffer an eye injury. According to court documents, Macrida Patterson says that a decorative metallic object flew off of a thong she was trying, causing permanent cornea damage, after striking her in the eye. It's the latest lawsuit involving the lingerie maker this year. Get the Full Story From the New York Daily News.
This is hilarious, are you kidding me, I sure hope they don't make Macrida reenact that scene! LOL!!
I found this really cool website for finding cheap gas,thought I would share: Cheapest Gas
If I live through the sleep over I'll post picture on Sunday!


A Visit With Joyce said...

that is almost to much info,I did see the lady and why she would be buying a thong I do not know

GJG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GJG said...

sorry had to delete my earlier input due to obscene misspellings, whatg I SAID was. Had that particular lady appeared in Public wearing a Thong---I am certain she would no doubt appear to look like a Blimp in a PIPER CUB hangar. (an obscene vision if there ever was one)

Judi said...

This some how doesn't surprise me. People will sue over anything these days.

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