We have a Garden!

Well, sorta, I decided that I did not want to pay a dollar a piece for tomato's, so I decided we would try a couple of small pot versions. I really didn't want to weed and all that mess, so the smaller version is what I opted for. I already have a small tomato coming in or out or whatever it's called.
We also planted zucchini and cucumbers
Hey, KG How's your garden growing?


Judi said...

We have a small garden this year as well. I will post some pictures soon. Who's KG?

GJG said...

Wow, they only charge you a $1.00 for a tomatoe---here at my local ralphs tomatoes start at $2.99 a pound. Pot gardening is the way to go, saves on weeding, makes for a rather decorative gardening area, one can move the pops to get just the ight amount of sun or shade as required. Unfortunately here in MY area of so. Calif----its cheaper to buy the tomatos in the store than pay the water bill to grow em at home.

Missy's Blog said...

Your garden is lovely ... fresh veggies cost waayyyy too much.

I planted two bell pepper plants (one red and one green) and a tomato plant ... hopefully I'll have a bountiful harvest too.

SonjaRod said...

It looks fabulous - I plant lots of flowers every year - but I have not taken the chance on veggies yet.... maybe next year ;-)

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