It actually was a pretty great day, not too hot, a good breezy, but best of all NO mud puddles.
The girls played at 8, 12, & 4!! Lost the first two and played the best game I have ever seen them play and won the last game. Needless to say I was exhausted as was Sam by the end of it all. Today we don't play till 10:15. Mitch is taking Mark to church they are leaving at 10 for camp. He is excited, I had to take him to walmart last night for last minute stuff. I still can't get use to him driving me around!

I actually got some paper scrappin done Friday night, I will get them posted soon. It has been a long time since I scrapped, but when I get to, I scrap what I want and it is such a great feeling, I don't feel like I have scrap in chronological order. I just use what ever picture I feel like scrapping at the time. I Love IT

Happy Sunday!


RealRach said...

as long as they have fun...who cares what the score was, right!
William starts Tball on Tuesday. This is his first time doing any sport. Can't wait!

Judi said...

Isn't sports fun!! I loved when my kids played. How didi you get the ticker on the side stating when the last time someone posted a blog at? That is a way to shame people into blogging.

Izzy said...

Sounds like you're having a nice weekend! We're off to watched a nooner baseball game at the stadium today :) Happy Sunday!

Shelley Moore said...

I tell ya - it is SOOOO hard getting used to the kids driving us around isn't it! By the way, I'm glad to see that I'm not the ONLY one I know who doesn't scrap chronologically, LOL! I just go with what moves me at the time :)

Lexi said...

wow what a long day! I am glad you made it through. I have to say I miss those day's when zach and I played sports.

GJG said...

Look at it this way---attending the games gets ya out of the house and gives ya a great excuse for putting off boring stuff like dusting, cooking dinners etc, etc, etc----its what mom's do---yeah they do. (damn says I havn't blogged for 16 hours----jeez a guy has to eat and sleep ya know?)


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