Picture Puzzle

OK OK OK It's Carol-Me-Judi & Lexi in the middle! (3months old)

I can't believe most you you thought that Carol was my mom! LOL
I don't have a picture of just me & my mom at my wedding or before :(

Anyway, we had a great time last night at the party, the food was great the band was great.
Another perfect Anniversary!!
Thanks for trying to guess!


GJG said...

Its all Judi's fault---SHE made the comment about it being a "old" picture, so I cleverly made assumptions---and guessed the way I did----how was I to know that Judi is one of those types that considers anything more than 7 days old as being "really old"----besides your Mom is a fine looking woman.

Gary (aka old dude)

RealRach said...

YOU WON AN AWARD!! Come look!!!
see my blog for details!

Judi said...

Alexi is now 23 years old. What party did you go to?

Wendy said...

My neighbor graduated from RN school and her husband threw her a party, so we pretended it was our Anniversary Party. Decorations, Bar, Band we had a really good time!

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