Sliding on Sunday

OK, so it rained all night on Saturday and I just knew that the game on Sunday would be rained out. WRONG!! SO off we go Sunday morning because we have to be there at 8:30. I got everything together and we left at 8 am.

I got Samantha where she needed to be to practice and went back to the car for my stuff, Mitch was talking to someone so I grabbed my chair, and my bag and headed back over to get a good seat, because if you don't the people with the ez-up tents will HOG all the room to sit.

Well I came upon a mud puddle, they were everywhere. Took a small tip toe step to ease my way through the mud and BAM, my feet flew out from under me and I landed butt first in the mud!! OMGosh I was so embarrassed my booty was soaked in mud. Two of the coaches had to help me up. My bag and chair were covered with mud. No, I did not get a picture of it!

My sweet sweet husband ran off to walmart for clothes it was closer than home. There I sat on the bleachers with mud soaked butt. Someone got me a clean shirt and a towel. I was able to go to the bathroom and get most of the hunks of mud off, but I was still wet. LOL!

So Bless Mitch's heart he missed the game, it was short and not very sweet. I thanked him for the clothes and proceeded to the bathroom to change into the clothes he had purchased for me. Now just so you know Mitch has bought me clothes on several occasions and does a great job. But never has he had the occasion to purchase underwear on my behalf, so it did not dawn dawn me to tell him what size to buy. He assumed that the underwear size is the same as the shorts. HE bought me a package of Haynes mid rise underwear SIZE 10!!! Needless to say I went home commando!!

The worst part is I think I hurt my 43 year old self bad! My head never hit the ground, My back hurt and my head and arm hurt all day. I'm going to have to give Dr Chris a call this morning when I get to work.

Nice thing to have to do on your first day back to work. I am also switching times with the lady I work with, so I am working 8 to 4:30, it lets Sam sleep in a little later in the morning and makes it easier on me.

Happy Monday
Look out for Mud Puddles
**Edited to add the following: Thanks Shelley for the support! LOL
The chiropractors says it's only a muscle bruise, applied heat and electrodes and it should take a few days and feel better.
And as if that wasn't enough, someone hacked into my paypal account and had tried to suck almost $1500 dollars out, I caught them though and had to go to the bank and get that all straight, so BEWARE!!!


Missy's Blog said...

Wendy ... I really hope you haven't hurt yourself too bad. You just need to take it easy.

Shelley Moore said...

ROFL... ok Wendy, I'm only laughing because it is totally usually ME that this stuff happens to! I know how ya feel, girl! Hopefully you're just stiff and not really hurt too badly! **still giggling all day on the commando..." Love ya girl!

Michele said...

I'm so glad you are OK Wendy BUT I must tell you that you made me laugh as I read your blog...I can just see you right now telling this story!

GJG said...

hmm, never gave it much thought----girls dressing commando??? hmm interesting----;) Sorry you strained yourself as you did, but glad to hear your on the mend. It was well told, and mentally I did have to laugh----kinda now flashing on the old Bobbie Darrin Song, "Splish Splash, taking a bath----" (I figure Sue will google it and give us all the lyrics:))

Sandy Vance said...

that is too too funny, you are a brave woman telling that one. you are lucky too, i read somewhere that mud puddles kill something like 10 people every 10 years. they are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. there should be a law protecting us from them and training in school on how to avoid them!!! yikes, look out!!!

Kalo's World said...

OMG, that is too funny, so glad you're ok. And TOTALLY sucky about the Paypal thing, glad you caught it. What a way to come home from vacation, almost need another one after that.

A Visit With Joyce said...

oh give me a break, between the size 10 undies and the pay pal you didn't make out to bad. lol lol lol lol lol, this is one of those things that we would be up all night laughing about at SDV
keep us posted.
Love you much

Izzy said...

Okay so the pictures in my head while reading this really did make me giggle but I'm sure at the time it wasn't all the funny.... I hope that the chiropractor is right and you're better in a few days. Take it steady! and thanks for sharing :)

Shelley Moore said...

OMG Wendy!! That's scarey about your paypal, but glad you stopped the thieving SOBs in their tracks!!

Jan said...

Oh goodness, take it easy!!!!!! Hope you're feeling back to yourself quickly!!!!!!!

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