I found this really cool web site and wanted to share it. I think I am going to print mine out and use it on a scrapbook page. Stay tuned.............I could not figure out how to post my creation. But every time you do it it comes out different. Give it a try WORDLE



Judi said...

I like this site. I can't figure out to use two or three words and have them repeat themselves over and over.

Judi said...

How in the word do you find these sites. LOL

Wendy said...

The more times you add the word the Bigger it gets, I don't think it repeats. I find them by blog hopping, i have nothing else to do at work!!

GJG said...

I have saved the site to my favorites, and will explore it later, right now am kinda tied up researching midi-music to add to my bloggr profile audio clip.----so many to choose from----decisions, decisions, decisions---


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