Still working on my Layer's....

So here's my list of favorite things ....

1.Sport: Softball
2.Game: Scrabble
3.Color: Brown
4.Movie: "Terminator"
5.Broadway play: n/a
6.Broadway Musical: Cat on a hot tin roof
7.Song: "You got a Friend" by Carole king
8.American city I have visited: Salt Lake City, Utah
9.Foreign city I have visited: Baja Mexico-is that foreign?
10.Book: Bible
11.Classic television show: "I Love Lucy"
12.Recent television show: CSI
13.Actor: Tom Hanks
14.Actress: Diane Keaton
15.Perfume: none
16.Food: Crab legs
17.Dessert: chocolate ├ęclair cake
18.Chain Restaurant: Taco Bell
19.Local Restaurant: Bill's Grill
20.Car: Porsche
21.Condiment: Mayonnaise
22.Kitchen Appliance: Coffee Maker
23.Home Appliance: Dish Washer
24.Beauty Product: Eyeliner
25.Piece of clothing: cotton t-shirt
26.HGTV Show: Yard shows
27.Food Network show: Next Food Network star
28.Male Songwriter: Jim Croce
29.Female Songwriter: Cheryl Crow
30.Holiday: Thanksgiving
31.Ballet I have seen: none
32.Disney character: Winnie the Pooh of course
33.Flower: sunflower
34.Alcoholic drink: Anything fruity
35.Non-Alcoholic drink: Pepsi
36.Magazine: Simple Scrapbooks
37.Animated movie: Finding Nemo
38.Television network miniseries: "The Thornbirds"
39.Season: Fall
40.Male vocalist: John Mayer
41.Female vocalist: Aretha Franklin
42.Day of the week: Saturday
43.Household Chore: Organizing
44.Ice Cream: Anything with caramel
45.Candy: Almond Joy
46.Artist: Samantha Myers
47.Quotation: "I am not a complete idiot, some of my parts are missing"


Judi said...

Good Job!!!

GJG said...

Interesting answers---but not sure "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof" was ever done as a musical? only as a play?? Still enjoyed getting to know more about what makes ya tick. I like what you have done with your blog site too----nice use of color.

Gary (aka old dude)

RealRach said...

So do share...how in the heck do you do this?? I have been trying for weeks to figure this out and I can't...Can you explain in normal terms to me?

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