Thoughts from the week

I just wanted to take time to Thank everyone for your sweet thoughts and comments about Bucket.

Today is Friday and I am so glad what a crazy week.

*Samantha had 2 teeth pulled yesterday and did great, she even went to cheer practice last night!

*Took Mark to the eye doctor yesterday. He needs glasses, but insists on contacts so the doctor has him practicing touching his eye, because he can even hardly stand for drops to be put in his eye there is no way he is gonna be able to wear contacts.

*Oh and the best part, Mark realized we threw away his retainer Tuesday night. ($400.00) to replace them.

*We also had to get him a new phone, because his somehow broke. I was the one up for a new phone so I did the Mommy thing and gave him my upgrade and I will have to wait till December, but that's OK cuz that's when all the new phones come out!

People my week has not been a very good one, Fingers crossed next week is better.

Happy Friday!


Michele said...

Wow Wendy...sounds like you have had a week from HECK (to put it nicely)! Hope your weekend will be great and next week will be much better!

Sallie said...

Sorry you've had such a week! There's really nowhere to go but UP, right?
Hang in there!

Holms and I said...

Hope all is better next week!! We can only hope and pray!!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

if there are any changes in the coming week, they gotta be improvements over this last one---change is good----righttt.

Missy's Blog said...

Wendy ... what a week you've had. Maybe you can take some time this weekend to relax and just veg out. Destress. That's what you need!!

I'm sure next week will be much, much better.

And what to go Samantha ... going to practice even after having two teeth pulled!!!

Judi said...

I have had weeks like that. i hope for a better one next for you!!

Donielle said...

Here's wishing you a better next week!

Shelley Moore said...

Sister, I totally feel ya! Seems lke it's goign around, cause my week ... well, I've had better, LOL! Maybe it's the full moon! Hopefully next week will be better!

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