Back to SchoolSamantha was very good this morning she got up kinda! and got dressed, she is so much like er daddy. She is wearing what she wants nothin fancy for the first day

Mark excited as always to get his picture taken. He said he would reenact for me on Wednesday
Got to pick up his new retainer today and maybe pick out glasses


Missy's Blog said...

Sam looks cute all dressed up for her first day back to school.

And Mark ... LOL ... typical teenage boy ... no pictures, please!

Izzy said...

LOL, typical teenager but if he's willing to reenact go for it! Sam looks cute too :)

Jan said...

LOL!! Definitely a boy... and a teenage thing! Hope they had a great return to school!

Judi said...

Very cute! What's that on Mark's wrist? Sam looks cute!

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