Thanks Missy

Missy, You have made my day, you are the sweetest.

If you all remember on Friday Missy won the jewelry auction on Carol's site to raise money for The Mutt Strut. Well Carol showed up today with a gift for me!! Missy wanted me to have the necklace and earrings. How sweet is that? Thanks Again Missy, every time I wear it I will think of you! (and Griffin of course)


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

--with her real friends she gives out cupcakes------still that was a damn thoughful gift on yoru part Missy----very nice.

Kalo's World said...

And it looks great on you!

RealRach said...

you wear it well...dang it...I could have been mine! LOL

Missy's Blog said...

Hee Hee ... I'm so glad you like it!! It looks GREAT on you!

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