WOM Thank you dinner

As some of you know after 8 years as President of the Women's Ministry at our church, I decided to step down, so some of the girls from church took me out for a Thank You dinner, we had a great time, lots of laughs, no crying thank goodness. Our new pastors wife Denise will be taking over as presient. Thank you Denise and Good Luck, look out for frozen chickens they are everywhere! LOL!

If you know anything about the things we do in WOM it involves alot of Chicken! This rubber chicken made all kinds of noises, everyone signed it with a little funny saying. I will cherish it forever. I cracked up when I opened it, luckily we had a private room. We shared some of our favorite memories with each other.
This is one of the serious gifts they gave me it is a beautiful saying. I hope that I made a difference in the 8 years as president. Thank You ladies from the bottom of my heart.
We missed you mom!


Judi said...

What a nice dinner!! I am sure you will be missed.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Its good to be involved, and stay plugged in---and one doesn't have to be the lead horse all the time. Sounds like you did make a difference---(applause).

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