I made to round 3!

Here is the layout that ya'll voted for. Thank you all so much.

I had to rush rush to do one for the next round, because mom and I are leaving at lunch tomorrow for Charleston. It is going to be a long trip.

I did hear on the message board that some people with Mac were having trouble seeing the Vote button. I will let ya'll know when it is time to vote again.


Kalo's World said...

Great job!! Good luck on the next round. Be careful and know that I love you and am only a phone call away.

Michele said...

You go girl!

Y'all have a safe trip!

Keep us posted:-)

Judi said...

I think the problem is with the format on Mac you have a bar at the bottom. The only problem is they don't give you enough time to vote so I can do it from work. I didn't even get to vote last time.

Judi said...

Keep us posted about your Dad!!

Jan said...


Sending you hugs while you're aways! ((((hug))))

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