This is the only thing good about being laid up. Friends and family bring you Food!

Not much to talk about, dad is going home from the hospital today with the feeding tube still in! Yes that is What I said! I can't believe it, e said they told him to come back in 10 days. He is a grown man and can take care of himself, but I am sorry that makes no sense to me. Course he wasn't real nice when I called anyway so I know not to ask too many questions. Gotta go take some alieve to see if it will ease my pain. The meds the doc gave me make me too Loopy!


Michele said...

Boy does that cake look scrumpuous! Have a great weekend!

Hope your Dad will continue to do well!

Shell said...

Glad everyone is looking after you and sending goodies to eat!!


Jan said...

So glad to hear you're getting taken care of. : ) Keep us posted on the foot. I hope the pain subsides soon!

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