The award goes to......

I received this award from my Blog friend Missy, I am so thankful for my blog friends, I have met some fantastic people in the last couple of years, I thought I would spread the love to a few people. Some of these people I have met a few times, but reading there blog and commenting makes me feel like part of there lives, they may sound strange, but I don't care I enjoy blogging and sharing with everyone. It makes my day!!
First allow me to give you some explanation of the purpose of the "Proximade"----one creates one's blog and one makes posts to it---over the course of time, one receives comments and develops regular readers, and via reading each others pages and exchanging comments one grows "closer" to these people, ---so via blogging one moves into closer proximity to some individuals than one might not otherwise have come into contact with----and acknowledging this "friendship", this proximity---one earns a "proximade".

I would like to award the following people:



Judi said...

I love the new header. I of course don't like the picture of me.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

nice header, nice award, and I think its a good pic of Judi---those crazy eyes of hers----PHEEnomenal!!

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