Do you notice who didn't get there picture taken with the Birthday Boy?

We had Mark's family birthday party on Saturday. He let me take the following pictures, but no pictures with the woman that gave birth to him, go figure. I am thankful for what I got.

My Baby Boy is 16-Make a Wish

Mark and Grandma Rose

Grandma J and the Birthday Boy
Mark and Carol Smiling for the Camera


RealRach said...

Happy Birthday Mark...And what's up with the no photo with your MOTHER?! Sad...little man, sad. Being a mom of 2 boys...thats my biggest fear. Do they not know what we went thru to get them here?! LOL

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... he's 16 ... and he is so handsome!

Happy Birthday to you Mark!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

on a clear day I can almost remember being 16----it was a tuesday----hey if YOU want to have your picture taken, try letting go of the camera (lol)

Judi said...

Very Cute!! Time goes way to fast for me.

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