I had all these pages just sitting from the last two times that I have scrapped alot at one time, so I decided they needed to be put in an album. I made a change in my scrapping, instead of scrapping in order I scrap what ever I want when the mood strikes me, I enjoy it so much more and eventually everything gets done, just not in order. I have also posted a few of my favorite pages. Hope your having a good Tuesday!


Mandy said...

That is a big problem of mine. I feel like everything should be scrapped in order! My SIL gave me some page protector sleeves last year for Christmas and they have helped me not be so dag on organized as far as scrapping in order. It is still a tough habit to break...lol

Shell said...

glad you are loving scrapping that way. If it is not fun - then it is not worth doing right! nice layouts!

I know I will have a HUGE bunch of layouts completed when I put photos on all my sample layouts I had from *&% crapbook company ;-)

Jan said...

Beautiful layouts!! Good for you. I've started scrapping out of order too. It's sooo freeing!! LOL!!

Have a great week!

Judi said...

It is so much more freeing to scrap what you want. Those pages look great.

Shelley Moore said...

Welcome to the dark side of scrapping out of order girl!!!! **Luuuuke (breathing heavy through a vented mask thingy) I am your FAAHHHHTHA**

It's the only way to do it for me to keep my sanity... too much pressure to go in order, LOL!

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