OK, So it has only been 6 days and I am not liking this situation at all. So many people have brought me dinner, this nice friend even brought me steaks and even cooked them for me.

up I don't like sitting around, I don't like not being able to do anything for my family. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday. I tried to do a little more than I should have the other day and my foot swelled so I have to be careful what I do.

I have been working on gingerbread houses for Mitch to have for display at the store and of course Obama and McCain have been keeping me busy calling me 10 times a day -I kid you not. Thank Goodness that madness is over tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of Samantha, we did a photo shoot .... LOL

Gotta Go Sitting round is Calling...Don't Forget to Vote Tomorrow!!!


Missy's Blog said...

I know it's hard ... but let people "do" for you. If I know anything about it you "do" for others ... so now it's your turn!

I love your Thanksgiving background!

And I have to say ... Sam looks just like you in these pictures.

Sallie said...

Next time Obama/McCain call here I'm going to give them your number since you are just lounging by the phone anyway!

Andy left a little while ago headed for Houston. :( He said that when I checked in I should tell you he was thinking about you.

Hope you get a good report this week and are up and about again very soon!

Kalo's World said...

I know it's hard with everything but it will get better. And you are doing something for your family, you're taking care of yourself so you can get back on your feet (pun intended lol)

Michele said...

Hang in there Wendy! It's got to be hard I know...I would go CRAZY I think! Don't over due it b/c you don't want to be off of them longer that expected. Love the photo shoot of Sam!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

awwww shut up and eat your bon-bons, and let people wait on ya---they love it and you shouldn't be so selfish as to deprive them of their pleasure---sheesh!!

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