Christmas Treats

These are snacks for Sam's class party tomorrow. They are a version of portable SMORE's. You simple add Graham cracker flavored O's (found at Food Lion) mini marshmallow and chocolate chips and Viola instant Yummy Goodness. I tried to find cute little snack bags, but I don't think the kids will care.


Michele said...

I bet Tucker would love this snack...just may have to do this to put in my kids sand buckets with the initials on them.

LOVE your new header:-) GREAT pic!

Judi said...

Very Cute!!

Izzy said...

Those treats sound yummy!

Shell said...

looks and sounds like they will have a fun party!

and it is even colder here this morning!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

being a resident of Granola land (fruits, nuts and a bunch of flakes, aka California), I can appreciate a good snack mix!! (lol), and that appears kinda tasty even to this old dude.

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