Samantha is center front bottom holder
Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA, I have had so much going on. So here is my recap.
Sunday we had another cheer competition the girls did great again and brought home a second place trophy. Then it was off to Awana Sunday night.Jack has been doing better and better everyday, he has all the tubes and crap out so now he just has oxygen and they have been giving him some blood. Tonight for dinner he had Cream of celery soup, jello, ice cream and his favorite Ice Tea. So he is looking better and better. We still need lots of prayers and poor mom she is so worn out. I don't even know what to do to make her feel better. I love her so much and I just want to make everything OK.

Mark had his MRI last night, we did not get home till 10:45 almost 2 hours he was in the loud machine, I sat right there with him. He did so Great only had to have one break. I was very impressed by his patients. We go to the doctor for the results on Friday so prayers for that too.

I am going to another GYN for a second opinion for my problems tomorrow and then hope to get some shopping done. Rose and I are shopping for a little girl at church who's family is having a really hard time right now.

We finally got our tree up on Saturday before the competition so at least that is done.


Shell said...

sounds like everything has been full on for you! Glad to hear Jack is doing better and well done Sam's team!

Love the tree!

Judi said...

Keep me posted on all your results.

Missy's Blog said...

What a time you've been having.

I wish everyone well ... a speedy recovery ... and good results on all of the tests.

Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

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