By Association....

Thought I would post all my blogger buddies and tell you how I know each one. Each can be found on Blogs I watch......... I think it's neat how you meet people and find some kind of connection that keeps you visiting and sharing with one another.

Joyce-My Mom
Carol-My Sister
Judi-My Sister
Alexi-My Niece
Pam-My Cousin
GJG-Judi's family
Missy-Met commenting through another Blog
Shell-TLC friend
Izzy-TLC Friend
Rach-TLC Friend
Jan-TLC Friend
Amanda-Long time friend
Michelle-Met through Amanda
Shelley-met through Michelle
Mandy-Met through comments on Michelle's blog
Shari-Met through comments on Mandy's blog
Krystal H-TLC Friend
Shelley Moore-TLC Friend
Sandy-TLC Friend
Lisa-TLC Friend
Krystal G-TLC Friend


Shari said...

That is really cool......I can't wait to actually 'meet' you in person.......So....Do you live near Franklin?

Or am I not suppose to ask questions like that?

Judi said...

I am not sure how I met some of my blog friends!! We have a lot of the same blog friends so I will let you tell the story. What a great idea.

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