Updates on Everything

Thought I would do an update of all my crap:

* Talked to my Dad on his birthday (66) He is going back to talk to the surgeon again, not sure when, but I am just thankful he has not given up on some sort of treatment. HE sounded good and was just happy to be eating again.

* My foot is good, I have no pain when I walk on it. My heal and the top of my big toe are still numb, the Doc said because he moved so many nerves around in there that I may not get feeling back. Believe me that is better than the pain I was having.

* Jack is doing really good, he came by to see us all on Saturday, so he is driving and back to a semi normal routine, I know he has lots of appointments coming up, so he is hoping for good news from those. He has lost alot of weight, and I think that tires him out quickly.

* My female problems will be taken care of on the 13th of Feb. The inspection the other day added another little something that needs to be taken care of. A nice size polyp has found a home in my uterus, so along with removing my left ovary and tying my tubes they will also do a quick DNC to get that all taken care of. I will be so glad when all of that is done. Maybe I feel better.

* Mark is taking exams today and will be finishing up the semester. I think he did pretty good grade wise. We will see. I know he learned a lot of different things. I will share those soon.

* Samantha is driving me crazy as usual and is usually the source of all my Bad Moods. Oh the drama of an 8 year old GIRL!!!

* Mitch is enjoying working at the harbor view store, closer, smaller and not such a headache to deal with.

* We are still really slow at work, I try not to worry about the shop closing, but when you go from an average of 150 working jobs to 25, it's kinda scary. Not sure what we are up against, but all we can do is hope for the best.

* I hope everyone has a great Monday and I am sorry this is a picture less post. Let me know if I forgot something.


Kalo's World said...

Seems like things are looking up so far this year for you. That's a good thing.

Izzy said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well. hope that your surgery goes well in February. take care! ((hugs))

Judi said...

That was a good recap. It sounds like things are working themselves out.

Judi said...

I love the new header and background.

Shelley Moore said...

I agree your blog looks awesome!!! More importantly, I'm thinking about you all the time!!! I miss you, and I'll be sending you lots of love through your surgery! You'll be a whole new woman!!!

Jan said...

So glad things are well!! Love the blog look!!! Have a great week!!

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