Amazing resemblance

I was checking out the simple scrapbooks blog and saw this post, doesn't this girl look just like me?
I had to stop and read it, cuz I really thougt it was me, before I shaved my mustache of course! LOL
It's Angie Lucas managing editor of Simple Scrapbooks
This is the last edition of the magazine.
It's really sad, i know how she must feel having something she loves taken away.
Good Luck Angie!

Happy Sunday!


Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... there certainly is a big resemblance there!

Sorry to hear your favorite magazine is ending.

Shari said...

I'm sorry about the magazine......maybe it will return whenever the economy is better....

Kalo's World said...

I personally don't see it, but I've never seen you with your mustache. Guess the sisters are always the last to know.

Mary Lou said...

There sure is some resemblance! They say everybody's got a twin, sooo........ Sorry to hear about your favorite magazine.

Mandy said...

OMG...before I read, I thought it was you! Too funny! You should grow your mustache back...you could pull off Sonny Bono at Halloween...lol

Michele said...

OMG...too funny! Definately resemblance there! I hate to hear that about the magazine!

Judi said...

I am sad to see this magazine go as well. Maybe it will come back in the future.

RealRach said...

WTF? Seriously. I READ your blog post and didn't get it until the very end of HER blog post...Geez...how long have I known you and I didn't know it wasn't you?! LOL

Cuz, I know you would totally do the 'stach. O H M Y G O S H...I'm such a D O R K !

When I went to her blog and saw that picture... I was like...WHOA...Wendy's picture got picked to be on the blog! How freaking cool. And Lucky! Even with a 'stach. LOL oh man, someone shoot me now. This being sick stuff is affecting my logical thinking.

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