Happy Friday!

Not much going on, I know I haven't posted for a few days. Lots going on this week.
I got a very good report from my GYN Wednesday, so I can do it as long as it feels Good! LOL He is so funny. That is actually what he said to me. My scars are minimal and will disappear with time.
I hope to get a few projects done tonight, I have 3 pending right now, so I will be scrapping and carrying on tonight, looks like by myself right now. So stayed tuned later tonight I will post my progress. Anyone close by want to join me?

Happy Friday!


Mandy said...

I wish I could join you! I didn't realize how much I had missed scrapbooking till last night while we were walking around Michaels looking for picture frames. Everywhere I turned was pretty papers and embellishments and all I wanted to do was go home and play. Mason just takes up too much of my time right now.

Wendy said...

It's OK Mandy, when your ready let me know. I hope to be having a crop soon after we get back from SDV!!

Shell said...

get on a plane right now and come over here. It's my first retreat this weekend!!

Come to it - and then you will have lots of people to scrap with and lots of fun and get your projects done!!

Sounds like a great idea to me!

Plus doing IT on your own is called .. ummmmm .. you know... begins with M.... *LOL*

Mary Lou said...

Happy Friday to you too! Hope you enjoy your scrapping time!

Judi said...

Happy Friday!! I can't wait to see what you have created!!

Missy's Blog said...

ooooh ... I just know you have some lovely things you are gonna share with us!

Michele said...

Happy Friday!!! This post just made me laugh..you are sooo crazy...LOL!

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