I've been tagged!

Izzy tagged me for the photo game.
Go to where you keep your photos, pick the 6th folder and the 6th picture in that folder and post it. Tell us about the photo and then tag 6 other people ...have fun!

So I decided to do my folder at work and my folder at home.

Work Folder Picture #6. This is just one of the random picture I had on my computer at work. I save pictures that I get in E-mails, you never know when you need a great picture.

And #6 from Home: This is a picture of the whole Burgess Gang on Mr & Mrs Burgess(front far left) 50th Wedding Anniversary. There kids threw them a Pig Pickin.

I think I will Tag....Carol, Judi, Mandy, Cathy, Shari and Shell M
Play if you want, I hope that you do!

Happy Monday!


Jan said...

What a cute idea!!!!

have a great week!

Judi said...

I will do this as soon as I can!! Going our of town this weekend.

Donielle said...

That first picture is cute with the kids on the beach! I like the saying.

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