A letter from the Governer

A couple weeks ago Mark and I were discussing recycling and how much we would like to start recycling, but how inconvenient it is to have to take your recyclables to a center. So Mark decided to send an e-mail to the Governor of Virginia asking why we do not have recycle pick up.

Well, the Governor's people sent Mark a letter last week, giving him the phone and e-mail address of the local person here in Suffolk that is in charge of recycling.

People in the City of Franklin have recycle bins that they put out on the street certain days and the city takes care of it. They also have centers around town where you can drop off.

We have been discussing it alot lately, so we have decided to start slow and just do the plastics.

I told Mark that I would ask for blogger input on suggestions for recycling in your home as we sometimes have ant issues and that is my main concern. Post your thoughts, I can't wait to hear what you all do in your own homes.

Stayed tuned to find out what Mark does next with his recent information!


Michele said...

As you know Kevin and I live in the City of Franklin so we have a bin that is picked up every other week. We seen "recycling" on the news a lot lately and Kevin informed me y'day that the only thing that they are recycling pretty much now are aluminum cans and plastic bottles (water, laundry detergent, etc) with NO tops so that is all we are going to do now. He said that they said on the news that they have folks to just pull those certain things out and dispose of the other like normal trash I guess. I had been putting cardboard boxes and other things in that as well but Kevin said they ask that you stop b/c it just creates more work for them since they aren't actually recyling it. Not sure if I helped but that's what we are going to start doing since seeing the news update.

Kalo's World said...

Great idea!! I totally believe in recycling, even though our Grandmother did the same thing, but it was called hoarding lol. I personally reuse paper from work that comes over the fax with only 2 or 3 things printed on them. Bought reusable bags from the grocery stores and things like that.

Sandy Vance said...

We use reusable bags for the store, unless I need more plastic ones. I reuse them for trashcan liners in the bathroom. I don't like using bottled water anymore- the tap is fine here. We have pick up at the street too, so we put that stuff out. I want to get another trash can for church so the youth can separate the cans and plastic instead of throwing it away. And I am buying a big plastic barrel to turn into a rain barrel, easy to do. I will use that collected water for house plants, our small garden and flower pots. I would like to recycle the water when we drain the pool but it has chemicals in it and it would not be good for whatever needs watering. Hope these help, it is a great thing to teach our kids. God have us this earth to take care of it not throw it away.

Judi said...

We have been recycling for a long time. Zach takes the cans and plastic and gets money for them. I return the paper to the center myself. We have stopped magazines and any other free papers. I had paper.

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