May 1st

I along with a lot of others I have been bad at blogging. With Mitch and I off all week, we have gotten so much done. My house is so clean, I am very pleased with what we accomplished this week. So here we are in May already. We have so much going on this month.

*It is National Scrapbook Day & I am not scrapping! (what is up with that?)

*Our last cheer competition is today and it is US Finals so it will air on ESPN in about two weeks I will let you know when.

*Every Tuesday and Saturday Samantha has ball games.

*But the highlight of my month will be Mother's Day, I am hoping for a picture of me and the kids.

* And we are having our first mother daughter Tea at church.

How about you, what's on your agenda?

Happy Saturday and Blog when you can! LOL


Judi said...

I am glad you got a lot done!! Have a great weekend!

Izzy said...

Sounds like it was a good week with Mitch! and What!?! not scrapbooking on NSD... really girlfriend, what is up with that!? LOL
have an awesome weekend.

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