Running as Usual

As you know we had Samantha's birthday party last Saturday and i have not had time to post picture, so I thought i would sneak a few in to share. They all had a great time, and boy was it hot, i believe the temp rose to 101. Great day for a pool party. I will post Father's Day pictures soon.
Happy Thursday!! Blowing out the candles. I neglected to get a picture of the cake, but boy was it good. Walmart special. marbled choc & vanilla with whipped cream frosting! Yum
All the girls
She is so excited about wearing her new earrings. Thanks Danielle
Cousin Kristen

Mitch and Sam


Michele said...

I knew my "Alyssa" would be there! Looks like the girls had a blast!

Kelly said...

You are doing better than me! Alyssa's party was Friday night and I still haven't posted pics from her party, just one from the restaurant and that was really for Father's Day! Looks like Sam had a great party!

Mary Lou said...

Looks like everybody had a blast!

Judi said...

Great Pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

Shell said...

looks like they had a ball... great photos!!

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