Happy Thursday

So it's the end of the week for me, I must say it has been crazy, but i have loved every minute of it and wish it was a week longer. I tell you I had the best 7 kids any VBS teacher could ask for!
I hope that they learned a little about Peter this week and I know we will all remember the theme song for VBS "The Boomerang Express" All Aboard! I have been singing all week at home, at work and I think even in my sleep. All and all I have had a great time.
Hope to get alot of scrappin time tomorrow, I need to stay home and relax and get some things done around the house, but anytime I get a whole day to scrap I am taking it!
Well, I guess I should get to work!
G'Day Mates!!
Hot Dogs & Smores on the Barbie Tonight


Mary Lou said...

Happy Thursday to you too Mate! I've been listening to the Bible school songs this morning. "I'm a gonna follow, follow.." is going over and over in my head! Glad you had a good week with your kids! I'm so psyched about ours that's coming up the last week in this month!

Kalo's World said...

Sounds like you had a great time, i'm so glad.

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